10 Gorgeous Orange Colored Fish (With Pictures!)

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A wide range of vibrant orange-coloured fish are available if you want to increase some pop to your tank or make an solely orange aquarium. Though saltwater fish occasionally get the spotlight for shade, there are both of those brightly coloured saltwater and freshwater fish. Do you admire the very long flowing fins of betta fish or probably the dazzling, bold shades of the discus? Study on to discover out about 10 gorgeous orange-colored fish and see what catches your eye!

1) Veiltail Goldfish

Goldfish with long fins
Veiltail goldfish swimming in a tank.

©Aleron Val/Shutterstock.com

Let us commence with the typical goldfish! Goldfish are one particular of the most well-liked forms of aquarium fish. Though some goldfish are primary “fish-shaped,” the veiltail goldfish has lengthy, attractive, flowing fins. Their fins are even for a longer time than the fantail goldfish, which are also stunning fish. They come in a variety of colours, with some staying completely orange whilst many others are white with orange markings. Their most noteworthy element is their wonderful fins, of which they have 5 sets, such as a tall lover-like dorsal fin and a tail fin. When grown, they can get to be quite great sized from 6-7 inches (in addition fins) as adults. Veiltail goldfish are really mellow and get together well with tank mates. Although some goldfish, like the telescope or bubble eye, are extra “unique,” the veiltail is clearly beautiful.

2) Orange Betta

Siamese Battling Fish.

©Bonhilda at the English language Wikipedia / Imaginative Commons

An additional stunning fish is the orange betta. Betta fish come in various stunningly vibrant shades like electrical blue with red tails or fantastic yellow, but the orange types definitely stand out, and some have reddish-orange highlights. Bettas have equivalent long-flowing fins, like the veiltail goldfish, but don’t get just about as major. The betta’s overall body is in between 2-3 inches, furthermore its fins. In distinction with the docile nature of goldfish, bettas are really aggressive, and you should really not dwelling two male bettas in the same tank. A group of ladies does high-quality together but continue to keep the males aside. In truth, these fish had been bred and made use of to wager on in fights, which is why they have the nickname Siamese Preventing Fish. They get alongside rather properly if saved by itself or with other docile fish.

3) Clownfish

clown fish swimming in coral reef
This wonderful orange animal, the clownfish, is a preferred species in “Finding Nemo.”

©iStock.com/agus fitriyanto

The clownfish is renowned for the character Nemo in the Finding Nemo movie. Clownfish are bright orange with a white vertical band behind their head and a white vertical band in the center of their facet and right right before their tail. The white bands are bordered by black as effectively as the recommendations of their fins. Prevalent clownfish (or clown anemonefish) are usually close to 4 inches very long. As opposed to goldfish and betta, clownfish are saltwater fish and need a saltwater aquarium environment.

4) Mandarinfish

The Mandarinfish or Mandarin dragonet.


Mandarinfish has a ton heading on! They are brilliant orange and electric powered blue with curvy stripes in a mad style and design. Their fins are typically orange with blue edging, and they have outsized pelvic fins that they use to “walk” together coral reefs and the bottom of the ocean. This crazy-looking fish can be uncovered in small teams, and they are all over 3 inches extended. Mandarinfish have two strains of protection to keep them protected from predators. Initially, as a substitute of currently being included in scales, they are coated in slimy mucus that is toxic to predators. Secondly, they have little spines that can inject this harmful mucus into something that will get also close. Mandarinfish are also at times referred to as mandarin dragonets. For the reason that of their dazzling coloration, they are well-known fish for saltwater aquariums.

5) Orange Guppy

Guppys have stunning fanned tails, and some have a marbled coloration.

©Przemysław Malkowski / CC BY-SA 3. – License

Going again to a common freshwater fish, the guppy arrives in a rainbow of colours and designs. You will locate some solely orange, when some others will be a lovely mix of orange, black and white. They have stunning fanned tails, and some have a marbled coloration. Guppies are only 2-2 ½ inches extensive and have potent personalities. They are acknowledged to be curious fish. If you want a guppy-only tank, begin out with 3, one particular male and two girls, and soon you ought to have a thriving tank full of guppies. They are straightforward to breed and get care of, a fantastic fish for newcomers.

6) Tangerine Discus

Favorite and Most Popular Animals: Fish
Colorful discus fish swimming in an aquarium.

©Przemek Iciak/Shutterstock.com

The tangerine discus is one more freshwater fish that would make a magnificent addition to your aquarium. Discus are disc-shaped and can be close to 6-7 inches prolonged, so they are great-sized fish. They also activity a extensive range of colours, but the tangerine discus is a deep loaded orange that definitely stands out. Discus is a schooling fish, so imagine how spectacular a group will glance in your tank. Be mindful that they are also rather territorial and can be intense toward 1 yet another and other fish. Receiving 10-12 juveniles at when is proposed so they can get utilised to each other. Giving heaps of crops will give them destinations to disguise and discourage them from choosing on just one another.

7) Orange-lined Triggerfish

Most beautiful animal – Orange-lined triggerfish
While the orange-lined triggerfish can be territorial and intense with other fish, it is certainly stunning to look at!

©iliuta goean/Shutterstock.com

The orange-lined triggerfish is a saltwater attractiveness! It is not solely orange, but the orange stripes and tail look unbelievable on the greenish-grey qualifications. They are oblong in form with a massive head and a little pouty mouth. The eyes are set back again in the vicinity of the leading of the head, and the spines are on their first dorsal fin. Orange-lined triggerfish are quite territorial and should really be saved in their personal tank. They can be nearly 12 inches extensive, so they need a tank that is at minimum 180 gallons.

8) Orangepeel Angelfish

The beautiful lemonpeel angelfish in marine aquarium. Centropyge flavissima is a marine angelfish of the family Pomacanthidae, a popular fish in the aquarium trade.
The attractive lemonpeel angelfish in a marine aquarium.

©Arunee Rodloy/Shutterstock.com

These adorable fish appear like they are wearing metallic blue glasses! They are bright orange in shade with blue rings all over their eyes, on their gill include and on the edge of their fins. Orangepeel angelfish are an orange variation of the yellow-colored lemonpeel angelfish that look really identical. As older people, they can get to be about 5-5 ½ inches extended and require a tank that is at the very least 70 gallons. They can be aggressive, so it is most effective to continue to keep them on their very own and, like Bettas, do not put two males in the exact tank.

9) Flame Angelfish

Flame Angelfish, Centropyge loricula, is a dwarf or pygmy marine angelfish from the tropical waters of the Pacific Ocean
The flame angelfish.

©PAUL ATKINSON/Shutterstock.com

Listed here is a fish with a large “wow” variable! The bright orange flame angelfish has vertical black stripes on its facet and deep blue edges to their dorsal and anal fin. They are semi-aggressive but do okay in a community tank most of the time. As a pygmy angelfish, they only get to be close to 4 inches lengthy, so they can manage in a smaller tank. Be guaranteed to involve plenty of live rock so they can graze for algae. With a lifespan of 5-7 yrs, you need to get to know your flame angelfish really very well!

10) Koi

Beautiful Koi in a pond in Japan.
Wonderful Koi in a pond in Japan.


We just can’t neglect the beautiful koi fish, normally retained in water gardens or outside ponds. When you can temporarily retain them in an aquarium, they prosper in a big pond setting. These social fish arrive in a large assortment of qualifications shades and markings. Orange, black and white are some of the most widespread coloration combos, but reds and yellows can also be combined in. The Beni-goi are the koi that are wholly orange. The greatest koi can reach lengths of 3 feet, so approach appropriately when placing up your pond. If you wished to have a great team of 10 koi in your yard, you could put in a pond close to 12 toes by 10 feet and at least 3 feet deep. Then you could delight in your stunning orange fish from the comfort and ease of your own house!

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