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Mongolia is a landlocked state in Asia just north of China and south of Russia. A great deal of interesting fish inhabit the amazing deep lakes, crisp streams, and raging rivers. The Northern Arctic Basin consists of quite a few rivers and tributaries, including the Selenga River, a person of the main waterways in Mongolia. Lake Khuvsgul in north-central Mongolia is the most significant freshwater lake by quantity in the place and supports a extensive variety of fish, which includes good-sized salmon and sturgeon. Have you read of the “river wolf”? This is the nickname of a person of the largest fish in Mongolia. What type of fish can you obtain in the amazing Altai Mountains? Examine on to uncover 7 amazing fish identified in Mongolia!

1) Mongolian Taimen

Mongolian Taimen fish
The Mongolian taimen is one of the most significant salmonids some get to be the identical sizing as the “king salmon” of North The usa.


The Mongolian taimen is a person of the greatest salmonids some get to be the exact same dimensions as the “king salmon” of North The us. Their nickname is “river wolf” because of to their intense nature and the way they hunt their prey. These agile hunters are rapid to snag other fish but will assault birds and other modest mammals if supplied the prospect. Mongolian taimen have a trout-like appear, very long and narrow with a pointed head. They are brown to olive with dark spotting along their dorsal side. They ordinary between 27-47 inches prolonged (just about 4 ft) and weigh involving 33-66 lbs. On the other hand, the major taimen was 61 inches long and weighed 92 pounds!

In Mongolia you can discover these feisty fish in rivers like the Selenga, Orkhon, Eg, Delgermörön, Ider, Chuluut, and Onon River. Taimen choose great, large freshwater rivers that shift quickly. Anglers take pleasure in fly-fishing for taimen since they place up quite a battle. It is effortless to see why the taimen is 1 of the most magnificent fish in Mongolia!

2) Lenok Trout

Lenok Trout
The Amur River technique in japanese Mongolia is a well-liked put to discover these unique trout.


These trout have a shimmering coloration, with a reddish back again dotted with black places and a golden hue. They have a a little forked tail and a pointed snout. Lenok trout are in the 18-inch – 22-inch vary and can weigh all around 20-22 lbs. The Amur River method in japanese Mongolia is a well-liked place to locate these one of a kind trout. The Amur River flows along the border of China and Russia, but the drainage basin spreads across the border into Magnolia as nicely.

3) Amur Pike

Spotted (Amur) Pike
Amur pike are from time to time termed the noticed pike owing to the noticeable black places all more than their bodies, fins, and tail.


A further fish from the Amur River technique is the Amur pike. These extensive narrow pike are quite very similar to the northern pike of North America. They are sometimes identified as the noticed pike because of to the evident black places all above their bodies, fins, and tail. Amur pike can get to be 3 ft 9 inches very long and weigh up to 28 kilos. Just one of the major Amur pike at any time caught was from the Khalkh River in japanese Mongolia. Stan Dabrowski reeled in this impressive 27-pound, 47- inch noticed fish.

4) Grayling

Graylings have a amazing fanned dorsal fin that displays the light-weight, shimmering in a multitude of hues.

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There are a number of grayling species located in Mongolia together with two that are native to the state. Graylings have a breathtaking fanned dorsal fin that reflects the mild, shimmering in a multitude of colours. The scales on their sides are iridescent purple, orange, red, and pink. In standard, these really attractive fish range in measurement from 12-24 inches extended and can weigh up to five lbs. The two endemic species of graylings in Mongolia are the Mongolian grayling and the Khuvsgul grayling. Khuvsguls are darker in shade and can be observed in Lake Khuvsgul. The Mongolian subspecies inhabits the amazing lakes and streams of the Altai Mountains. Other graylings dwelling in Mongolia consist of the Amur, Baikal, and Arctic graylings.

5) Altai Osman

Altai osman
Altai Osman have a large gaping mouth and gold to silver scales, with a marginally forked tail.

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The Altai Osman is one particular of the exceptional fish you can come across in the gorgeous Altai Mountains. The mountain range is in western Mongolia and bleeds above into neighboring Russia, Kazakhstan, and China. The Altai Osman only inhabits Mongolia and sections of Siberia, building it exceptional to the region. They are in the cyprinid relatives together with minnows and carp. Altai Osman have a major gaping mouth and gold to silver scales, with a a little bit forked tail. As a hefty bodied fish, they can get up to 24 pounds and arrive at about 24 inches in duration.

6) Siberian Sturgeon

The Siberian sturgeon is now confined to a number of spots throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, and occasionally northern Mongolia.


Despite the fact that this fish is only occasionally identified in the Selenga River in northern Mongolia, it is actually a breathtaking fish. However, they are critically endangered, with overfishing and dam building the major reasons for their drop. They are now restricted to a few areas throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, and occasionally northern Mongolia.

The Siberian sturgeon is a long-living fish that gets to be 60+ years outdated! Sturgeons have a masking built of scutes, which are bony plates that present protection alongside their bodies. Their long torpedo shaped bodies can get to be 6 ½ ft extensive and some can weigh as considerably as 450 lbs . having said that, most are substantially more compact. They might look overwhelming, but their mouths are toothless, so they can not chunk!

7) Amur Catfish

Amur Catfish
The Amur catfish inhabits the Amur River procedure in jap Mongolia, particularly in the Onon River. They are far more populous in Russia and Japan.


The Amur catfish inhabits the Amur River system in jap Mongolia, particularly in the Onon River. They are more populous in Russia and Japan. It is essentially sometimes referred to as the Japanese popular catfish. In its place of scales, Amur catfish have clean skin in a protective mucus, which presents them a slippery seem. They regular around 12-24 inches extensive, even though they can get substantially more substantial. In Mongolia, residents remarkably benefit the tasty Amur catfish!

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