Etched Feathers exhibition is a celebration of Florida’s magnificent birds

Timothy Hill

Etched Feathers is a wonderful exhibition for Florida chook lovers, and the unusual collection is now on look at at The Tampa Bay Historical past Heart.

Birds have mesmerized and impressed artists for centuries. Etched Feathers examines the works and inventive procedures of John Costin and other chicken artists and devotees, whose creations capture the essence of winged beauty. See this remarkable show from March 4-Oct 15 in the Wayne Thomas Gallery at the Tampa Bay History Center.

The condition of Florida is a birders paradise. Pelicans, spoonbills, herons, hawks, screech owls, parrots, and other gorgeous avian species make the Sunshine State an even extra lush and beautiful spot to contact dwelling. Artist John Costin, and other infatuated creatives have utilized dynamic processes to seize the majesty of these creatures. Equally their is effective, and their processes will quickly be on entire show at the Tampa Bay Heritage Middle, just a swift stroll from the Tampa Riverwalk

Etching of a spoonbill in flight over water. An island is in the background of the etching.

John Costin has used the transfixing artwork of etching for much more than 40 yrs. All of his etchings are of impressive Florida birds. The rigorous depth of each piece is outstanding. Costin’s etchings get started with shades of white, grey and black. He then keeps adding colour until the birds he’s representing seem to be to animate and soar off the paper. 

Etching is a rare artwork form nowadays, but again in the 1800s the Audubon Culture created hundreds of them. Costin, an ardent birder, has collected dozens of these old etchings. He works by using these antiques as inspiration for his perform. 

“The system is demanding and I like that,” writes Costin in his artist assertion. “1-5 copper plates are independently hand wiped with numerous hues of ink to build an graphic on paper then each piece is meticulously hand coloured.” 

A large crane painted in front of tall grass
Transient SPECTACLE | John Costin

The plates choose months to build and a lot of months of proofing are finished in advance of an suitable piece is created. The etching process is a blend of drawing, sculpture and painting, and it is the oldest printing method in the globe.

“One detail we want to categorical to our viewers is that these were lovely birds, but they also served an academic purpose,” said Brad Massey, a curator at Tampa Bay Record Middle, in an job interview with Fox 13.

Etched Feathers: A Historical past of the Printed Chook arrives at the Tampa Bay History Centre on March 4. For additional data on the exhibition, or to see approaching gatherings at the museum, visit TBHC’s web-site. Adhere to the Tampa Bay History Heart on Fb and Instagram for far more cultural teasers. Check out John Costin’s web site to see additional of the artist’s work. 

Tampa Bay Heritage Heart, 801 Drinking water Street

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