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Ohio is a chicken watcher’s paradise. So numerous birds contact this wonderful environmentally friendly state dwelling. In Ohio, there are in excess of 400 fowl species that are possibly comprehensive-time inhabitants in the condition or migrate yearly. About 200 of the 400 birds breed in Ohio.

There are numerous spots where by you can take a look at in just Ohio to chicken watch. Locals love going to Metzger Marsh Wildlife Spot to watch wildlife. Wayne Nationwide Forest and Cuyahoga Valley National Park also give some of the best habitats for birds in Ohio.

Are you prepared to dive in and study about some of the most widespread and attractive birds in Ohio? Continue on reading!

American Robin

1 of the most breathtaking birds in Ohio is the American Robin. These gorgeous birds are ideal recognized for their brilliant orange or crimson breasts. They are about 9 to 11 inches lengthy and are observed all through North The us. These migratory birds can be discovered wintering in southern Canada to central Mexico. They are so common that they are Connecticut, Michigan, and Wisconsin’s official condition birds.

American robins have white marks about their eyes, their tail, and their bellies. Woman American robins are duller than males, with brown-orange breasts. These social birds are active in the course of the day and feed on berries in small teams. About 40% of their food plan nevertheless, is made up of compact invertebrates, although the remaining 60% are wild and cultivated fruits.

Male American robins have attractive vocalizations. It’s a cheery audio that may differ relying on the region and time of working day.
Interestingly, not only do American robins sing throughout sunrise and sunset but also when a storm ways or passes. If you want to see these gorgeous birds in Ohio, they largely overwinter in the southern portions of the condition. They are much more commonly observed in summertime.

American robin with a berry in its mouth
American robins are popular in Ohio and overwinter in the southern portion of the condition.


Typical Starling

A different stunning chook in Ohio is the prevalent starling. Popular starlings are medium-sized passerine birds that are about 8 inches lengthy. They are very best acknowledged for their beautiful shiny black plumage with a metallic glow. Widespread starlings also have white and brown spots which often search like little hearts. Their legs are pink and their invoice variations colours relying on the time. Whilst uncovered in Ohio, popular starlings are indigenous to Eurasia.

They have been launched to the United States in the 1800s and are now lasting residents in the point out. Common starlings have stunning vocalizations. From time to time, they sing in groups, especially when roosting or bathing with each other. Although common starlings are nosier all through the breeding season, they also sing outdoors of the time. Curiously, feminine frequent starlings also at times sing.

Birds that eat wasps: Common Starling
Typical starlings are noisy birds.

©iStock.com/Imogen Warren

Northern Cardinal

Northern cardinals have lots of names. They are also referred to as redbirds, frequent cardinals, pink cardinals, or just cardinals. These birds are easy to location and uncovered in the course of Ohio. Males have vivid crimson feathers which support them appeal to the consideration of women. Northern Cardinals are located all over North The usa, such as pieces of Canada. It’s also found in northern Guatemala and northern Belize. These wonderful birds live in woodlands, gardens, shrublands, and wetlands.

These songbirds variety in dimension. Male northern cardinals are a little much larger than women, but it is barely noticeable. Males are brilliant red with black masks on their faces and coral beaks. Ladies aren’t as shiny. Instead, their feathers are fawn-coloured with a slight reddish tint. Whilst ladies also have a mask, it is not as darkish.

Northern cardinals are vital in Ohio. They are the state’s formal fowl! Curiously, these wonderful birds weren’t abundant in the point out until eventually the 1800s. It was adopted as the state’s official fowl in 1933.

Male Northern cardinal in Missouri snow
The formal point out chook of Ohio is the northern cardinal.


American Crow

Subsequent on our checklist is the American crow. This bird is large and breathtaking. It is intelligent and lives in most of North The us. American crows are about 16 to 20 inches extensive. Most of their length is their very long tails. American crows have iridescent black feathers that glimmer in the daylight. They weigh amongst 11 to 21 ounces. Sometimes, persons confuse American crows for typical ravens since of their similarities in color, but American crows are scaled-down.

American crows are omnivores. They scavenge for meals and are not picky eaters. They also actively hunt for frogs, mice, and youthful rabbits. In winter when meals is scarce, American crows count on nuts, fruits, and acorns. Even though not repeated, American crows have been recorded traveling to chicken feeders.

Professionals have also observed these birds operating together to steal food from other animals. For instance, 1 American crow will distract a chook with food stuff by pecking it, though many others swoop down and get the foods.

American crow
American crows are very clever and have been recorded stealing foods from birds and other animals.


Purple-headed Woodpecker

Purple-headed woodpeckers are also prevalent in Ohio. They are identified in temperate North The united states and breed in the open region throughout southern Canada and the east-central United States. Experienced adults are tri-colored. They have white bellies, black backs and tails, and a shiny pink head and neck. Contrary to other bird species, ladies are just as vivid as males. Younger crimson-headed woodpeckers look equivalent but have grey heads.

These wonderful birds are about 7.5 to 9.8 inches long and have wingspans pretty much double their length. Their wingspan can achieve up to 16 inches extensive. Most of these birds weigh about 2.7 ounces. They are superb fliers and predominantly try to eat vegetation. Purple-headed woodpeckers are a single of the only chook species to retail outlet excessive foodstuff. They conceal excessive foods underneath tree bark and in tree cavities.

Crimson-headed woodpeckers are pretty much always discovered in southern Ohio. For the duration of winter, they are rarely viewed. You can come across these breathtaking and lively birds around forests and household regions with substantial trees.

Red-headed Woodpecker
Purple-headed woodpeckers are far more frequently located in southern Ohio in comparison to northern Ohio.


Summer time Tanager

The summer season tanager is an additional vivid crimson chicken in Ohio. They are small to medium-sized songbirds in the Cardinalidae. Beforehand industry experts marked this chicken in the Thraupidae household. At the moment, two subspecies exist. P. r. cooperi is additional frequently seen in Mexico as it winters in southern Mexico. The P. r. rubra, nevertheless, winters in Central and Northern South The united states.

These gorgeous birds sing an American robin-like tune. It also has a very well-recognised agitated get in touch with. These birds are excellent in gardens. They take in wasps and bees. Summer season tanagers fly significant to capture insects midair. They take in berries, specially from the Mayan cymbopetalum plant.

Summer months tanagers are popular in Ohio in the course of the breeding season but migrate for the duration of the winter season. Chicken watchers lookup for this fowl in the vicinity of wasps and bee nests.

summer tanager perched high in the tree
Summer season tanagers breed in Ohio, but are under no circumstances observed during winter season.



Previous but not least is the osprey. This large chook mainly lives near reservoirs and modest lakes. It’s specially found in the northeast and central Ohio. These huge birds are most typical between March by May. They breed in the point out. When they return to their breeding web page, they right away get started working on restoring their nest. Unfortunately, they had been almost solely extinct from Ohio in the course of the 1960s and 1970s.

Ospreys have a lot of nicknames, like sea hawks, river hawks, and fish hawks. They are mainly gray, white, and brown. Ospreys mainly eat fish. They are terrific hunters and use their sharp talons to catch fish. Apart from fish, ospreys may possibly also hunt mice, rabbits, salamanders, snakes, frogs, and turtles

Animals That Live in Coral Reefs: Ospreys
Ospreys return to Ohio on a yearly basis during breeding period. They instantly begin rebuilding outdated nests or absolutely developing new nests.


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