10 Beautiful Red Freshwater Fish (Perfect for Aquariums!)

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If you are seeking to spice up your aquarium with some crimson-scorching freshwater fish, you are going to want to narrow your possibilities down so you can uncover the best in shape. Are you searching for a purple fish to total your rainbow-colored tank, or do you just appreciate red? Examine on to uncover out about 10 stunning purple freshwater fish ideal for your aquarium!

1) Cherry Barb

Underwater aquarium still life scene. Red color tropical fish Barb Puntius titteya swim on soft blue green background. Shallow depth of field.
Cherry barbs are at first from Sri Lanka


Up first is the shimmering cherry barb! These vibrant pink modest, slender fish are ideal for your aquarium. They only get to be all around 2 inches extended with a wispy dorsal fin and forked tail. As a schooling fish, you can envision what a amazing exhibit they make if you have a university of 15 or a lot more.

They also do perfectly in a neighborhood tank, so you could mix them in with other crimson fish or get a range of shades to make your tank pop! Cherry barbs are initially from Sri Lanka, an island place off the southeast coastline of India. Today, they are captive-bred, but the wild types look to be far more colourful.

2) Pink Freshwater Fish: Red Betta

The Pink Betta is a lovely red fish that can maintain its have as a long-flowing finned betta fish. Betta fish are also called Siamese combating fish because they are inclined to be a little bit territorial and will battle (in some cases to the dying) if place in the exact same tank as yet another (males). If you have one particular purple betta with dazzling inexperienced aquatic crops and a number of colourful snails, it may perhaps make for an eye-catching tank.

Crimson betta can be universally crimson or have a combined coloration. They can have gorgeous blue bodies that fade into purple tails or pale bodies with crimson-tipped fins. There is very a wide variety of colorations with betta fish. Though their bodies are ordinarily in the 2-3 inch range, their fanning fins can reach an inch or two much more. Betta fish are captive-bred for the fish trade and are originally from Thailand.

3) Pink Guppy

A purple albino guppy.

©Przemysław Malkowski / CC BY-SA 3. – License

Guppies are easygoing fish for your freshwater aquarium. You won’t have any difficulties with aggression from these minor fish. There are a wide variety of purple guppies, together with the comprehensive red albino guppy, pink Moscow guppy and crimson tuxedo guppy. The entire red albino guppy is absolutely crimson and has a flowing dorsal fin and lover-like tail fin.

The girls are a lot less vivid in colour but also sport pink coloration. Purple Moscow guppies have a purple human body and a golden stomach, making them one of a kind-hunting. The purple tuxedo guppies appear a bit different, with silvery bodies that get darker near the tail and lovely crimson dorsal and tail fins. The guppies vary in dimension from 1- 1 ½ inches and are education fish, so you will need to have to get a team of 6 or more for your aquarium.

4) Blood-Red Parrot Cichlid

One of the even larger fish on our checklist is the blood-crimson parrot cichlid. They can be as significant as a salad plate, up to 8 inches extended. You will want to be confident you have a tank of at minimum 30 gallons to dwelling one particular of these. They prefer a horizontal tank as opposed to a tall vertical aquarium.

Blood-purple parrot cichlids get their name from the tiny parrot-formed mouth that has a slight curve to it. It seems to be too smaller for their bulbous bodies but appears to do the trick. Parrot cichlids can be a selection of hues from orangish to reddish and every thing in among. Parrot cichlids are hybrid-bred fish originating from the household Cichlidae. There is some controversy about the breeding of these fish that in some cases effects in a deformed swim bladder or uncharacteristically large irises, so do some exploration prior to paying for this fish from a vendor.

5) Crimson Swordtail

Red swordtail is swimming in aquatic plants tank. green swordtail (Xiphophorus hellerii) is one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish species. it is a livebearer fish.
The male purple swordtail has a long sword-like tail that finishes at a position.

©Arunee Rodloy/Shutterstock.com

The tiny narrow swordtail is at the opposite spectrum of the huge bulbous parrot cichlid. As their title indicates, the males have a lengthy sword-like tail that ends at a stage. They are in the Poeciliidae spouse and children and are relevant to guppies with identical body designs and personalities.

Swordtails arrive in a range of shades, including purple with a common red physique and some acquiring a darkish brown stripe together the bottom side of the decrease lobe of the tail (the part that seems like a sword). The females have a “normal” hunting tail devoid of the sword. Girls also get pretty larger than males, sometimes by more than an inch. They average close to 5 ½ inches as grown ups, with the girls achieving 6 ½ inches.

6) Red Freshwater Fish: Rosy Tetra

The rosy tetra is not a shiny crimson fish like the betta but a additional faded pink some are even pinker, with a reddish edge to their dorsal fin. A black rectangular location is present on the dorsal fin as properly. These little fish only get about 1.6 inches in captivity, with wild ones obtaining larger sized.

Rosy tetras are schooling fish, so you will want to group them into 6 or extra to make them sense comfy. They are good local community tank fish if you put them with appropriate fish like their family. One more tetra that has pink markings is the bleeding coronary heart tetra. They are white to opaque fish with a smaller pink mark appropriate where by you assume their coronary heart may be! A college of bleeding hearts and a university of rosy tetras would be excellent tank mates (and rather a wonderful display screen!).

7) Red Freshwater Fish: Crimson Platy

Southern platyfish
Crimson Platy are bright purple in colour with gold eyes and enthusiast-like tails.


The crimson platy is a classic fish decision fantastic for your aquarium! These very little fish are vibrant red in shade with gold eyes and supporter-like tails. They only get to be about 2 inches extensive and are enjoyable to watch in massive faculties. They are uncomplicated-going fish that get together well with tank mates. With the wide selection of colorations for platy, you could simply produce a rainbow of freshwater fish for your tank. Increase some pleasant environmentally friendly java moss, and you will have an wonderful aquarium set up!

8) Chili Rasbora

Rasbora is acknowledged for currently being tranquil, and they even get together with intense bettas! The chili rasbora is vibrant crimson with a black horizontal stripe together its side. The dorsal fin is crimson with black markings, and the forked tail fin is obvious (opaque). These smaller, torpedo-formed fish only get to be ¾ inches long, so a more substantial university of them might assistance enjoy their physical appearance. Acquiring at the very least 8-12 collectively is recommended. A person reason they in some cases get neglected in the pet trade is that they surface considerably drab in colour as juveniles but are beautiful as adults!

9) Purple Neon Stiphodon Goby

A single glance at the crimson neon Stiphodon goby, and you will know it is a exclusive type of aquarium fish. About the same dimensions as platy, it has a one of a kind human body shape and coloration. The Stiphodon goby is a long, narrow, nearly eel-like fish with quick-going pectoral fins shut to the head. As bottom dwellers, they promptly skirt alongside the base of the tank, so be absolutely sure to add some rocks, gravel and aquatic vegetation. The purple neon Stiphodon gobies have a reddish-orange entire body with black vertical markings and two darker dorsal fins. The head is silvery with a blueish tint. Certainly exceptional to view a group mingling all around the base of your tank!

10) Crimson Freshwater Fish: Kisaki Killifish

One more distinctive-searching fish is the Kisaki killifish from Tanzania. These freshwater fish look like they could be exotic saltwater fish, but they are freshwater. Kisaki killifish are vibrant crimson mixed with blue, and their scales are incredibly pronounced. The contrasting shades are breathtaking! They also have rich blue eyes. You can easily hold 3-4 in a 10-gallon tank, despite the fact that a 20+ gallon tank would be better. The males can be a little bit aggressive toward other males, so it is greatest to have 1 male and a couple women or all girls. Otherwise, they are tranquil fish that are great for freshwater aquarium fish!

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