10 Tech Gadgets Every Cat Owner Needs

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With the advent of affordable smart home technology becoming more popular in 2023, cat owners have newfound ways of ensuring the safety and well-being of their beloved feline friends. Whether at home or on the go, cutting-edge technological gadgetry has enabled cat owners to do everything from monitor locations and clean litter boxes to automatically feed and hydrate their kitties far more conveniently than ever before.

Thanks to big brand names like PetSfae, TruSense, Tractive, and others, owning a cat in 2023 has never been easier, safer, and more connective. As such, every cat owner should consider the most effective tech devices on the market today.


Litter Robot 4

A cat uses a Litter Robot 4 litter box

As cat owners know, there are few things worse than spending time scooping cat litter and cleaning up the surrounding mess on the floor. For those who want to leave such days behind, consider the Litter Robot 4, often praised as the best electronic self-cleaning litter box available. While pricey, the investment is well worth the return.

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The Wi-Fi-enabled, fully-automated, self-cleaning litter box for cats uses advanced technology to automatically sift litter, reduce litter tracking on the floor, and even get rid of litter-related odors. Designed to ensure up to 4 cats have immaculate beds of litter at all times, owners can even monitor the litter-box usage in real-time using the Whiskers app.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker

A cat wears a Tractive GPS collar

Given how finicky and quick to run away cats are, it’s foolhardy not to keep track of a cat’s physical location using GPS technology in 2023. After all, few things are more worrisome than not knowing where a cat has wandered. While there are many worthy options, most agree that the Tractive GPS Cat Tracker is hard to beat, especially for its affordable price.

With unlimited GPS tracking range, Tractive Cat Tracker hooks to a cat’s collar and uses Global Position Satellite technology to monitor the physical whereabouts of the cat at all times. The safe attachable pet gadget also monitors a cat’s well-being by creating Virtual Fences which alert owners if their cat gets too close to danger. Owners can view their cat’s location history, monitor their sleep and activity habits, and more to keep the ultimate peace of mind about their feline’s health and happiness.

PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Fountain

A cat sips from a PetSafe Drinkwell Smart Fountain

Failing to constantly change clean water for cats can lead to serious health problems for furry feline friends. One great way to ensure a cat always has clean, fresh water to keep them hydrated at all times is using an automated pet drinking fountain. While many options exist, many agree that PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Cat Fountain is the safest bet.

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The electronic water dispenser provides a water capacity of 168 ounces at all times, ensuring large cats or a feline family can maintain adequate hydration daily. With a carbon water filter that maintains cleanliness, falling steam that entices cats to drink more, an adjustable pump to regulate water flow, and an easy-to-clean, dishwasher-safe top shelf, PetSafe continues to earn its sterling reputation.

Whisker Feeder-Robot

A cat eats from a Whisker Feeder Robot

Along with maintaining clean water at all times, few tech gadgets are more convenient for cat owners than automated food dispensers. Being able to regulate and monitor a cat’s food intake at home or away is a great way of ensuring their overall health and maintaining a healthy body weight. Several options exist, but none eclipse the pricey Whisker Feeder Robot.

The Wi-Fi-enabled automatic feeding apparatus pairs with the Whisker app to allow owners to feed their cats remotely from anywhere in the world, track their eating habits by viewing their history, schedule feeding times, control portion sizes, and features anti-jam technology to ensure strong internet connections at all times. The Feeder-Robot even comes with a chew-resistant power cord, which is ideal for those toothy kittens who can’t resist chomping on anything that moves.

PetCube Bites 2

A cat walks behind a PetCube Bites 2 device

For many cat owners, nothing is more miserable than being away from their pets and being unable to see their adorable faces for prolonged periods. Those with such a dilemma ought to consider a cat camera. However, PetCube Bites 2 is a cat camera, treat dispenser, and a 2-way audio communicator all rolled into one. As a great pet parenting app, every cat owner should invest in the $250 device as a way of staying in constant communication with their feline friends at all times.

The Smart HD Pet Camera boasts a wide-angle, 1080p, 160-degree view to allow parents to keep a close eye on their cats from anywhere in the world. With a premium 2-way voice control system, owners can also speak to their cat remotely and listen to their loving responses. Using the app, parents can also toss treats from the device and alter the amount and distance depending on the size of their cat.

K&H A-Frame Kitty Heating House

A K&H A-Frame Heating House for cats is seen

Cat parents often strive to make sure their pets are as cozy and comfortable as possible, often futzing with thermostat dials to get the proper indoor temperature that suits the whole family. Luckily, one way to combat the issue is to invest in a feline heating pad, with the K&H A-Frame Kitty Heating House leading the way.

Ideal for outdoor, feral, and community cats during the winter, the Heating House features a plush, 40-watt MET Safety Listed heated cat bed inside to ensure felines stay warm even in subzero temperatures. With dual exits to prevent trapping and weather-resistant insulation, the Heating House can be used in garages, barns, on porches, and even indoors if so chosen.

ICalm Cat 5.0

An iCalm 5.0 mobile speaker ad is shown

Many cat lovers bend over backward to calm the stressful nerves of a timid or highly-aggressive cat, knowing that failing to do so can have adverse health effects. Thankfully, iCalm Cat 5.0 is leading the way to assuage a cat’s temperament by playing relaxing music specifically designed for felines.

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Billed as a portable speaker designed for “feline sound therapy pre-loaded with 3 hours of bioacoustically-designed music,” iCalm Cat 5.0 is a wonderful way of alleviating the stress a cat can feel relating to a new physical environment, unexpected guests, overwhelming noise, etc. The device maintains a consistent audio environment for cats to be as comfortable, relaxed, and stress-free as possible.

TruSens Air Purifier With Pet Bundle

A TruSens Air Purifier and Pet Filter are seen

The fetid odor associated with cat litter has been a nuisance for pet parents since the formation of indoor housing. To combat such, air purifiers are a surefire way of eliminating unwanted odors. However, the TruSens Air Purifier with a Pet Bundle goes the extra mile by pairing a purifier with a HEPA Pet Filter that eliminates up to 99.97% of dirt, hair, and dander. As such, it’s a hard bargain to pass.

Featuring a real-time feedback monitor for the air purifier, customizable filtration for the Pet Filter, and PureDirect technology for the bundle that disperses clean air into split streams to maximize clean air in the entire room, the automated smart home gadget even offers both products separately depending on a cat parent’s needs.

PetSafe Dancing Dot Laser Cat Toy

A cat plays with a PetSafe Dot Laser Toy

Another ideal way of keeping a cat active, healthy, and happy is to provide them with myriad toys to play with. Along with the best fitness apps, great strides have been made in the electronic cat toy market in recent years, with PetSafe’s Dancing Dot Laser Toy an affordable ($22) and effective option to keep cats amused and exercised at once.

The device can be operated remotely, allowing a cat to play at any time. The gadget features safe lasers for cats to interact with, 2-game modes that include One-Time Play (15 minutes) and All-Day Play, a scheduled Rest Mode, and advanced laser technology that constantly challenges a cat with random movement patterns. It’s a brilliant way of preventing boredom while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

SureFlap Smart Cat Door Flap

A cat uses a SureFlap smart door

For cat owners with serious security concerns, SureFlap Smart Cat Door Flap essentially turns an implanted feline computer chip into an encrypted key used to open a cat door flap and enter a house. The award-winning tech device is an ideal way of preventing unwanted animals from entering the house while ensuring their cat has easy come-and-go access at all times.

With the ability to store 32 cat identities, flash alerts when batteries are low, and selective entry recognition, cat owners will never feel safer after installing the SureFlap Cat Door, especially since it comes with a 3-year warranty.

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