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The vivid and showy fighter fish is a single of the most very well-regarded freshwater aquarium fish held as a pet. Also identified as the Siamese battling fish, or betta fish, (the scientific name is Betta splendens) this fish is regarded not only for its attractiveness but also its feisty mother nature.

Indigenous to Southeast Asia, this is a well-liked fish commonly located in aquariums close to the world. With their flowing, colourful tails and fins, it is simple to see why fighter fish are so effectively-preferred as pets. On top of that, they are a hardy species and reasonably effortless to retain. Despite the fact that it should really be mentioned, two males should really not be retained collectively in the exact same tank, or you will see in which the fighter fish receives its identify.

Incredibly, there are 73 species of fighter fish. Fighter fish are ordinarily categorised by their colors, patterns, and tail form. Examine on to uncover nine of the most popular species of fighter fish and master some intriguing specifics about every single one particular!

1. Crowntail

The crowntail species has only been in existence for close to 25 decades. This combating fish was named immediately after its amazing tail. The regular dimension of the crowntail grows to about two and a fifty percent inches lengthy, although some of the males can be as lengthy as a few inches. 

Most of their size comes from their flowing tails. In simple fact, the tail fins on the males can be 3 moments the dimension of their bodies. The webbing between the rays on the tail offers the fish an look of a crown.

Crowntail fighter fish
The crowntail fighter fish gets it title from its amazing tail.


2. Halfmoon

The halfmoon is a wonderful breed with a 180-diploma supporter-like tail. The tail resembles the letter “D” when entirely distribute out. While as a species, the halfmoon has been all-around a extensive time, it is only since the 19th century, when fish battling grew popular, that this fish grew to become very well identified.

The halfmoon grows to an ordinary size of three inches and can assortment in hues such as deep blue, brilliant red, purple, and orange. Its special coloring and hanging fins make it a great option to add vibrancy to any aquarium. 

Halfmoon fighter fish
The halfmoon fighter fish has a 180-diploma admirer-like tail.

© Borrikonratchata

3. Delta or Super Delta

The delta and tremendous delta bettas have tails related in condition to the Greek letter “D” or “delta”. The tail and fins flare as the fish swims, generating a wonderful image as it glides by way of the water. 

The delta and super delta tail fins have straight edges, similar to the halfmoon. But, compared with the halfmoon, they really don’t arrive at 180 degrees. Tremendous deltas tails flare out practically to 180, but not very. They may span out in a range of 120 to 160 degrees. That’s just quick of the halfmoon fish tails.

super delta fighter fish
The tail and fins of the tremendous delta betta fish flare as it swims.

© Singh

4. Dumbo Ear

No, the dumbo ear fighter fish doesn’t have large ears, like Dumbo the elephant. What surface to be ears are really really substantial pectoral fins that adhere out from either facet of the fish’s experience. These fins glance a great deal like elephant ears.

As beautiful as the dumbo ear betta is, aquarium entrepreneurs should observe it is one of the a lot more aggressive of the fighter fish.

Dumbo ear fighter fish, elephant ear
The dumbo ear fighter fish has large pectoral fins that adhere out from both facet of its deal with resembling elephant ears.


5. 50 percent Sunshine or Combtail

The attractive 50 percent sun fighter fish is a final result of cross-breeding of the halfmoon and crowntail species. The outcome is a beautiful, but intense species with a 180-spread tail, like the halfmoon that combines with the webbing of the crown tail.

6. Plakat or Shortfin

The plakat, also named shortfin, resembles a wild betta fish. The plakat is a smaller fish with a short fin and a spherical or spade-shaped physique. These are hardy fish. They are not as prone to illness or injuries as some of the other species.

Plakat fighting fish
The plakat is a compact preventing fish with a quick fin and a spherical or spade-formed overall body.


7. Double Tail

The double-tail fighter fish has a unique look that comes from its two tails. It is not that the tails are break up. Somewhat, they are two individual tails divided at the foundation. 

The double tail will come in a variety of vibrant colours, but the double tails with white fins are some of the most sought-soon after animals amongst fighter fish. The white of their fins is just about clear, giving the fish a lovely and special visual appeal.

Double-tail Betta
The double-tail fighter fish has a distinct overall look that will come from its two tails.

©Pharaoh Hound, CC BY-SA 3. by means of Wikimedia Commons – License

8. Rosetail

The rosetail fighter fish, also recognised as the rose petal, appears to be really a lot like a halfmoon species. Having said that, its fins have abnormal overlapping that gives the fish the visual appearance of a rose.

The rosetail is a newer range. Regrettably, the lovely tail it was bred for comes at a cost. Because of their substantial and flowing tails, these fish are far more susceptible to injuries and sometimes battle to swim freely.

Rosetail fighter fish
The rosetail’s fins have excessive overlapping that provides the visual appearance of a rose.


9. Veiltail

Past on our listing, but not least, the veiltail is potentially the most popular breed of fighter fish. This fish is recognized for its hanging and colourful fins and much less aggressive nature. Its tail is very long, flowing, and downward swooping. It resembles a translucent veil as the fish swims via the drinking water. 

In addition to its elegance, the veiltail is frequently retained by newbie hobbyists due to the fact it is a hardy fish, demanding little routine maintenance.

Veiltail fighter fish
The veiltail is acknowledged for its placing and colorful fins and significantly less aggressive nature.


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