Wild Hogs in Florida: How Many Are There and Where Do They Live?

Timothy Hill

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Florida is dwelling to a ton of wild animals that we know and adore. Panthers, deer, and bobcats are some of our reader’s favorites! But did you know that Florida is residence to a single of the biggest populations of wild hogs? 

It’s genuine! You can uncover wild hogs in all 67 counties of the sunshine state. The inhabitants is mentioned to be in excess of 500,000! We’ve curated a manual of everything you want to know about feral hogs, no matter whether you are living in or are just going to the point out. 

The Background of Hogs in Florida

Group of wild boars, feral hogs
You can discover wild hogs in all 67 counties of Florida.


Florida has had wild pigs considering that the sixteenth century. Hernando de Soto, a Spanish adventurer, introduced a herd of pigs with him when his boats touched down in Florida in 1539. Regardless of the truth that de Soto never ever identified the gold he was on the lookout for, pigs promptly fashioned a breeding populace. 

Wild pigs have adapted to Florida’s ecosystem over time, and “native” animals now depend on them. The endangered Florida panther consumes up to 40% of its foods as wild pigs.  

Wild hogs are perceptive, adaptable creatures. They are careful of persons despite obtaining a large size and sharp tusks. Contrary to a widespread assumption, wild pigs do not have any contagious ailments that are effortlessly spread to individuals.

Can You Hunt Wild Hogs in Florida?

In Florida, pig looking is quite widespread. In simple fact, just after deer, it is the animal that is hunted the most in the condition. Florida is a good point out to believe about searching in mainly because of the substantial and growing amount of feral hogs. 

A standard license is all that is needed for taking pictures on community home for both locals and non-citizens. There are unquestionably no rules or permits on non-public home. There are hog bag restrictions in some  Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs), and hunting is only permitted all through certain seasons of the 12 months.

Size of Wild Hogs in Florida

Wild boars, feral hogs, Sus scrofa
Wild hogs have long snouts, massive tusks, wedge-formed heads, and stiff hair


Any pig that is not kept powering a fence these types of as domestic pigs, Eurasian wild boars, and domestic-Eurasian wild boar hybrids, is deemed a wild pig. They can develop to a size of three to 5 ft and weigh amongst 30 and 420 lbs . as adults. 

As the animal ages, it gets to be much more clear that female wild pigs are smaller than males. 

The colours of wild pigs vary greatly, from black to reddish brown to white. They may perhaps also be basic in color or element speckling. Extended snouts, substantial tusks, wedge-formed heads, and rigid hair are more figuring out features.

Are Wild Hogs Dangerous?

Herd of wild hogs
The rooting activity of wild hogs, as they lookup for food items beneath the area, will cause main problems.


In addition to the outcomes of devouring, destroying, and trampling a massive sum of natural vegetation and crops, the rooting exercise of wild hogs also results in main damage. Browsing for food beneath the ground’s surface area, or “rooting,” disturbs the soil’s stability, uproots or weakens indigenous flora, destroys lawns, and promotes erosion. 

Their moping habits damages the financial institutions of streams and little ponds, which might decreased the top quality of the drinking water. They also feed on animals that lay their eggs on the ground, these types of as sea turtles.

There is no ignoring the point that feral hogs are among the most destructive, invasive, and dangerous creatures in North The us. As an invasive species, they have the electric power to absolutely consider over an spot and wipe out crops, generally without ever currently being noticed by people. 

They have the potential to expand large, kind large packs, and, surely, exhibit a specially unpleasant temperament. Even among the hunters, feral hogs have a terrible track record because they have the possible to very seriously hurt the ecology in which they live.

How to Get Rid of Feral Hogs

If you live in one of the 67 counties in Florida that has wild hogs, they can effortlessly disrupt your daily life. If you consider you’ve observed them in your lawn, you have an completely various trouble on your palms. Luckily, we’ve uncovered a handful of quick means to get rid of these pesky piggies. 

Examine the Location

Wild hogs rolling in the mud
Wild hogs like to roll about in the mud on your land.


Study the atmosphere all over your house, spending exclusive awareness to locations close to water sources like rivers and creeks. Wild hogs like to roll about in the mud on your land. Also, test the regions about fields, crops, and livestock. In individual, close to trees that yield nuts or fruits. Research for indications of wild hog activity. 

This contains exploring for their excrement, signs of sliding all around in the mud, the trails they go away powering, symptoms of their scraping on trees that left mud and hair trapped to the trees and posts, and eventually plowing or rooting of crops or greens. These holes will ordinarily be very deep, usually exceeding two toes.

Address Your Garden

You can use Wild Hog Scram all around your land to prevent and thrust wild hogs absent mainly because it is non-harmful and harmless for the environment. Homes, enterprises, and farms can all make use of this item. 

A rotary spreader is incredibly helpful to get this process done. Just one pound really should be used per 600 square ft. Use this type in locations in which you have noticed wild hog exercise or proof of feral hog activity. 

Deal with the affected areas and an more 30 ft encompassing them. Use the scoop that will come with this solution to evenly protect any gardens, fields, or crops if you don’t have a spreader.

Reside Traps 

Trapping the persistent feral hogs could be the most effective system of action. We recommend using a sizable Answers Humane Dwell Trap for this. Set the entice up in a community place exactly where the hogs have been busy and bait it with food items the hog would get pleasure from. 

Just after placing up the cause, keep an eye on the trap for a few times. The feral hog will shortly be apprehended, at which position you can give them to animal control.

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