Is This a Real Photo of a Cat Sitting Like a Human?

Timothy Hill

A genuine photograph circulating on line in late 2022 and early 2023 displays a cat sitting in an eerily human-like posture.



In late 2022 and early 2023, numerous social media customers shared what appeared to be a large, very long-haired cat sitting down in an uncannily human fashion on leading of a dresser, with its hind legs dangling around the facet. Here’s an case in point of the picture posted on the system Reddit:

Opinions on the post referred to as it a “snooze paralysis cat” or a djinn, spirits originating in Arabic-speaking cultures that are most frequently referred to as “genies” in English-language pop society.

Our reverse image queries carried out on both of those TinEye and Google present that the image seems to have been to start with printed on the graphic and meme sharing and internet hosting web-site Imgur in early November 2022. All around that similar time, it was also posted on Reddit.

Whilst we usually are not cat range-of-movement experts, the picture appears to us to be the end result of digital manipulation. Cats’ hind legs really don’t show up to be in a position get into that position pretty easily (if at all).

The bones and joints in their hips and hind legs obviously form a “Z” condition, and when they sit, they ordinarily fold their hind legs underneath them. The hind legs of the cat in the image also appear to be too lengthy.

Pointless to say, we’re skeptical, but for excellent evaluate we have reached out to some industry experts to seek the advice of about irrespective of whether it truly is bodily feasible for a cat to sit that way.

We received an emailed answer from Dr Nathalie Dowgray, head of the International Society of Feline Medicine, the veterinary division of the cat care skilled modern society Global Cat Care. Dr. Dowgray expressed skepticism that the graphic was actual, but stated that it isn’t really unachievable for a cat to sit that way:

Anatomically it is feasible for cats to sit in positions very similar to this, although there is a superior prospect this image has been augmented. I would expect the legs to adhere out more than they do – this is a bit also close to 90 levels to be realistic! Much more appreciably, cat owners need to be aware that this just isn’t a regular posture for a cat and may indicate a trouble. The cat in the picture appears like a Maine Coon, a breed that is genetically predisposed to hip dysplasia. If your cat sits in a posture related to this, it is really critical to have them checked by a veterinarian for fundamental musculoskeletal ailment.

A next veterinarian, Dr. Bruce Kornreich of Cornell University’s College or university of Veterinary Drugs, and director of the Cornell Feline Wellness Centre, agreed with Dowgray’s assessment, and pointed to a variety of capabilities from the graphic that had him skeptical of the image’s authenticity:

The very first is that I have under no circumstances witnessed a nutritious cat sit in a situation that in any way methods the posture seen below, and its tough to imagine why a cat would pick to sit this way. Assuming these types of a posture would, in my belief, choose considerable work and be not comfortable for a cat, and in my knowledge, cats really don’t generally opt for to do tough issues that make then uncomfortable willingly.

Kornreich also pointed to the size of the hind limbs, which show up too long in relation to the cat’s overall body, and some suspicious blurring and mild angle concerns that included to his suspicion that this is not an authentic graphic.

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