Professor’s Podcast Explores the Wild Side of Animal Tracking

Timothy Hill

Researchers all around the planet are making use of GPS and connected systems to keep track of and observe animals as they shift via purely natural and urban spots. It is a study strategy which is not only developed incredible discoveries about animal behavior, but also some entertaining tales about the lives of animals in the wild.

In each individual episode of his podcast, “Wild Animals,” NC State analysis professor Roland Kays shares some of these stories as he talks with scientists about person animals that they’ve gotten to know by way of the approach of pursuing their movements. 

“The concept is to share the drama and exhilaration that occurs out in nature all the time but rarely will get noticed by persons,” Kays said. “Tracking animals presents us a new way to understand about this drama, and it’s enjoyment to share it with other individuals.” 

Kays, who is also director of the Biodiversity Lab at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, launched the podcast in 2019 immediately after reflecting on his possess activities with personal animals over the program of his job. 

As an pro in employing technologies to keep track of wildlife, Kays has traversed the globe to analyze the actions of animals. He’s also led the development of applications like Movebank to streamline the info administration procedures of wildlife monitoring.

Roland Kays attaching a camera trap to a tree.
Roland Kays installs a digital camera entice on a tree. Photograph supplied

“In my very own operate monitoring animals, I have satisfied a good deal of intriguing figures. And by chatting with my colleagues, I understood they have too,” Kays stated. “Animal tracking gives a one of a kind way to discover about wildlife, and the podcast format is a great way to make it possible for folks to share these stories.” 

Due to the fact launching the podcast, Kays has finished two seasons worth of interviews — additional than 25 episodes to be precise. He’s at this time in the middle of the third time and releasing episodes on a weekly basis. 

Company have so considerably talked about a extensive vary of animals, from mammals to reptiles to birds. In the 2nd season, Katie Rubin of the College of Alaska Fairbanks shared her tale of John Snow, a hoary marmot that died and arrived again to life. And far more recently, Eli Strauss of the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior shared his story of Waffles, a spotted hyena that rose by the ranks of her clan to grow to be queen.

Ultimately, Kays stated he hopes listeners not only get pleasure from the tales of these animals but that they also discover anything about the species and the study encompassing them. 

“The primary objective is to share a excellent story about a individual animal that led an intriguing lifetime. But in the method we also get to learn about the species in standard and about the analysis that is underway, which include some of the enjoyment of accomplishing fieldwork with animals in wild areas,” Kays stated. 

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