Here’s why you shouldn’t give someone a betta fish as a gift this holiday season

Timothy Hill

Betta fish are acknowledged for their lovely fins and are a popular home pet, but they make awful gifts for somebody who is unprepared to care for them.

There are loads of fishbowls and very small tanks for sale that are marketed to maintain betta fish in, but a lot of of them just aren’t big adequate. Although the fish may endure in a tiny bowl, they unquestionably won’t prosper.

“Betta fish are typically witnessed living in bowls that are too tiny to enable for usual swimming and hiding habits,” Dr. Krista Keller, a veterinarian at the College of Illinois Veterinary Training Medical center, said. “They ought to not live in bowls. In its place, they really should preferably be in a 5-gallon glass or plastic tank or bigger.”

What do you need to have to keep a betta fish?

Betta fish are a territorial species that require at least 5 gallons of drinking water in a tank that has been correctly cycled and involves a filter and heater.

They are tropical fish and have to have a range in between 76 to 81 levels Fahrenheit. Faucet drinking water can consist of hazardous chemical substances like chlorine and chloramine so a dechlorinator is required to make the water harmless.

If you don’t know considerably about the nitrogen cycle, you can master more right here about how to prepare your tank or (if you previously have the fish) master how to do a fish-in cycle from the Aquarium Co-Op.

Decorations that have sharp edges or a tough top quality can continuously destruction the betta’s fins, which is why authentic plants or silk crops are suggested by a lot of fanatics.

Betta fish are smarter than most people today believe, and after they become assured in their home they will begin to show up to acknowledge their operator and arrive to the glass when it is time to consume. They can be fed pelleted, flaked or even frozen fish meals. In my practical experience, betta fish are not picky eaters.


  • Fish tank 5+ gallons

  • Heater

  • Filter that will not injure their fins (sponge filter or a modified filter)

  • Dechlorinator (Seachem Key is an illustration)

  • Dwell crops and/or silk plants, and hiding areas like caves

Can betta fish are living with other fish?

Betta fish must not be positioned in the very same tank as other betta fish.

There are some tranquil local community fish that people today have had luck with. Some have been ready to hold betta fish with fish like cory catfish, kuhli loaches or a compact fast-transferring fish like a tetra.

Of system, all those other fish also have their have requirements and if you want a community tank a 20+ gallon is normally recommended.

Other solutions to hold with betta fish are snails and shrimp. There is always a opportunity your betta fish will assault and take in a snail or shrimp, it really depends on their identity.

If you are searching to get into fishkeeping and want to study a lot more, the Betta Fish subreddit is a great spot to discover information and facts. Men and women there are very passionate about their fish.

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