Wildlife in Alaska: 5 Best Places to Find Wild Animals

Timothy Hill

Alaska is identified for its broad wilderness and varied wildlife. From grizzly bears to bald eagles, the point out is home to a huge variety of animals that can be uncovered nowhere else in the earth. Enable us choose a nearer search at some of the most iconic wild animals that call Alaska dwelling, as nicely as in which accurately that residence is.

Most Widespread Wild Animals in Alaska

The pursuing wildlife is some of the most common and recognizable in the whole of Alaska, the premier point out in the United states of america:

Grizzly Bears

Alaska is residence to the greatest population of grizzly bears in the total United States. These enormous predators can weigh up to 1,500 pounds and are regarded for their sharp claws and highly effective jaws. Grizzlies are a widespread sight in Alaska’s nationwide parks, exactly where readers can notice them from a risk-free distance. While they are generally not aggressive in the direction of people, it is crucial to often be cautious all over these animals.


Moose are the most significant members of the deer relatives and can weigh up to 1,600 lbs. They are a typical sight in the condition and can generally be discovered in close proximity to streams and lakes. Moose are herbivores and feed on vegetation these types of as willows, birch, and aspen. They are also known for their remarkable antlers that can grow up to 6 feet wide. They are genuinely an amazing sight irrespective of whether it is a one 1 or an full group.

Bald Eagles

The bald eagle is the countrywide chook of the United States and is observed all through the complete of Alaska. These majestic birds can weigh up to 14 lbs . and have a wingspan of up to 7 toes. Bald eagles are predators and feed on fish, modest mammals, and other birds. They are often found soaring about rivers and coastlines of the most significant US condition.


Wolves are a single of the most elusive animals in Alaska as very well as 1 of the most usually outlined. They are proficient hunters and can get down prey substantially much larger than themselves. Wolves generally journey in packs and can be found in the interior locations of the state. While they are hardly ever found by individuals, their howls can usually be read echoing through the wilderness. It is undoubtedly a thing you do not want to listen to during a hike!


Usually mistakenly referred to by a number of distinct names, the caribou are a form of wild reindeer that are discovered in numerous components of Alaska. These animals are very well tailored to residing in the harsh arctic climates and feed on lichens, mosses, and other vegetation. They are also an essential food items supply for Alaska’s native communities and many of its predator animals.

Sea Otters

Sea otters are a unique species that can only be identified in the northern Pacific Ocean. These cute, playful animals are identified for their thick fur that can help them endure in the unforgiving, cold Alaskan waters. Sea otters are an crucial part of the maritime ecosystem and help sustain the health and fitness of kelp forests by feeding on sea urchins.

Exactly where to Discover Them?

Now that you knw about the animals, let us see what spots offer you the ideal possibility to location them:

1. Denali Nationwide Park and Preserve

The Denali National Park and Maintain is found in central Alaska and is one particular of the ideal areas in the world to see grizzly bears, wolves, and moose. The park is property to extra than 2,000 moose that are frequently found grazing along the park’s rivers and lakes. Grizzly bears are also a prevalent sight in the park with about 300 of them dwelling within its borders. Website visitors can take a guided tour of the park to improve their possibilities of viewing the breathtaking wildlife.

2. Kenai Fjords Countrywide Park

Positioned on the coast of the Kenai Peninsula in southern Alaska, Kenai Fjords Countrywide Park is house to a vast assortment of maritime animals such as sea otters, humpback whales, and orcas. The park’s Harding Icefield is also dwelling to mountain goats, black bears, and ptarmigan. If you locate your self there, you ought to get a boat tour of the park’s coastline to see these animals up near.

3. Kodiak Island

Kodiak Island is the 2nd-greatest island in the United States and is dwelling to the Kodiak bear, a subspecies of the iconic grizzly bear. These bears are known for their massive dimensions and can weigh up to 1,500 lbs, generating them some of the most significant predators you can see. Readers to Kodiak Island who want a chance to sport them ought to guide a guided tour and investigate their their organic habitats.

4. Tongass Nationwide Forest

Tongass National Forest is the most significant nationwide forest in the United States and addresses most of southeast Alaska. Alaska is major so there is no shock that some of the greatest forests and islands are situated here. The forest is home to a selection of animals like black bears, bald eagles, and Sitka black-tailed deer. People are inspired to hike together a person of the park’s lots of trails to see these animals up shut.

5. Chilkat Bald Eagle Maintain

The Chilkat Bald Eagle Protect is located close to Haines and is home to the major concentration of bald eagles in the total environment. The maintain was founded in 1982 to defend the eagles’ habitat and has due to the fact develop into a well-known location for the two avid and beginner bird watchers. If you are fascinated in the country’s countrywide hen, guide your self a guided tour to see the well-known birds undertaking their factor in their all-natural habitat.


In conclusion, Alaska is a wildlife lover’s paradise. With so significantly wilderness to examine, people are guaranteed to see some of the state’s amazing animals in their purely natural habitats. From grizzly bears to bald eagles, Alaska features a exclusive possibility to observe some of the most extraordinary wildlife in the earth. By checking out these 5 places, site visitors can improve their possibilities of looking at these animals up near and personalized. Nonetheless, it is significant to often be cautious all over these animals and respect their residence and way of lifestyle.



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