7 Freshwater Purple Fish to Liven Up Your Aquarium

Timothy Hill

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If you are wanting to liven up your aquarium with a splash of purple you could increase a couple purple silky artificial plants, but wouldn’t it be a lot more attractive to have a couple purple fish swimming about to insert some flare? You might assume purple fish are more frequent for a saltwater tank, like the striking purple dottyback, but there are a couple freshwater fish that are purple as effectively. So if you are looking to total a rainbow of fish or your complete preferred shade is purple, right here are 7 freshwater fish to liven up your aquarium!

1)  Purple Moscow Guppies

Guppies are a wonderful addition to your aquarium because they are an easy-going tranquil fish. In common guppies are one of the most common kinds of aquarium fish, you could even by now have some. Considering that they come in a variety of colors, including in some purple Moscow guppies would brighten things up. At times just referred to as purple guppies, these fish were being initially bred in Russia, appreciated for their shiny coloration. They have elongated bodies with a stunning fan-like tail and dorsal fin. As adults they mature to all around 1-1 ½ inches. Purple ones are a small more challenging to obtain and are frequently much more high priced. But worthy of it when you visualize a half-dozen or so purple guppies swimming about!

2) Purple Betta Fish

Some fish will have a blueish-purple hue though other people are more reddish-purple but the purple betta is place on colour-crayon purple. Bettas are common freshwater fish because of their long flowing delicate fins. They arrive in all varieties of shiny shades from electric blue to lively yellow. Some purple betta are all purple while many others will have pink-edged fins. Betta improve to be all over 2-3 inches and have a lifespan of 2-5 yrs.

A single matter to consider in advance of buying a purple betta is what other fish do you have in your tank. Betta are territorial and can be a bit aggressive. They do get along with fish like guppies, neon tetras and Corydoras catfish. Be positive not to set two male betta in the same aquarium, no subject what coloration they are, they will most most likely battle!

Purple betta fish
Bettas are popular freshwater fish for the reason that of their extended flowing sensitive fins.

©oddi chandra pratama/Shutterstock.com

3) Purple Harlequin Rasboras

Harlequin rasboras are truly one more fish that betta do not intellect. The purple wide variety are silvery-purple and can get to be 1.4-1.8 inches in duration. Regular harlequin rasboras have a reddish-copper shade with a black “lambchop” shaped marking on their back in close proximity to the tail. The purple harlequin rasboras has a equivalent marking that you see more clearly in the males.

If you enjoy the glance of the purple harlequin be absolutely sure to get at the very least 6-8 mainly because they are a education fish and have to have a team to prosper. Consider incorporating some shrimp or snails as tank mates for these fish, but they also get alongside quite perfectly with other tranquil fish. These fish are wonderful for your nano tank and are uncomplicated to just take care of!  

Harlequin rasbora (Trigonostigma heteromorpha)
Normal harlequin rasboras have a reddish-copper coloration with a black “lambchop” shaped marking on their back again in close proximity to the tail.


4) Yellow-Tail Acei Cichlid

The yellow-tail acei cichlid presents 2 times the color burst with a gorgeous light-weight purple system and soft yellow tail. Their dorsal fin is also yellow gracing the leading of their elongated bodies. Sizing sensible these fish rarely get extra than 5 inches extended. They are deemed a Mbuna cichlids originating from Lake Malawi in the state of Malawi which is in East Africa neighboring Mozambique, Zambia and Tanzania. Did you know Lake Malawi is amongst 350-360 ft very long and 47 ft vast! They want the rocky outcrops where by meals is a great deal and retaining concealed from prey is less difficult. A lot of of the Mbuna cichlids are brightly colored, besides the purple yellow tail acei there are vibrant yellow and vivid blue species.

In basic these cichlids have a name for staying a little bit intense so be cautious when deciding on tank mates. The yellow lab (Labidochromis caeruleus) would make for a appropriate tank mate and envision the screen of the blend of your purple and yellow fish swimming amongst the eco-friendly aquatic crops. Unquestionably a beautiful set up!

Yellow-tail acei cichlid
The yellow-tail acei cichlid presents 2 times the shade burst with a wonderful gentle purple human body and smooth yellow tail.


5) Purple Tetra

The future two fish on the listing are tetra’s but they vary really a bit from every other. The initially tetra is the purple tetra (Hyphessobrycon metae) is a mild silvery purple on the lookout comparable to a minnow. They have a darker band in close proximity to their forked tail. Given that these are education fish you will want to get 8-10 to make sure they feel a sense of security (and they are a lot more pleasurable to watch!). Purple tetras get to be around 1.4-1.6 inches, for reference which is a minimal for a longer period than a paper clip.

Purple tetras are from Columbia and Venezuela where they can be located in the Río Orinoco Basin. They will come to feel at dwelling in your aquarium if you consist of heaps of aquatic plants comparable to their house rivers and tributaries. These tetras are fairly effortless likely and get together well in tanks with other fish. You will find a couple other fish species from the Río Orinoco Basin that are well-liked in the pet trade including some brightly coloured kinds like the blue panaque placo!

6) Galactic Purple Longfin Tetra

The galactic purple longfin tetra is a GloFish® which means it is a genetically engineered fish with a fluorescent glow! GloFish® have been develop into a popular ornamental fish with hobbyist including black lights or blue lights to emphasize these fishes’ characteristics. Genetically engineering fish with florescent traits were originally produced to enable scientists investigation pollution problems in waterways. They have employed these modifications with tetras, tiger barbs, zebra fish, rainbow shark and bettas and have established a array of colours which includes crimson, eco-friendly, orange, blue, purple and pink.

The galactic purple longfin tetras are pinkish-purple and have opaque fins such as a fan-like dorsal fin. Most are in the 2-2 ½ inch vary but some can access 3 inches. There is some controversy over GloFish® simply because they are considered Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s). There was some worry about them remaining released in the wild and turning into invasive species. The Food stuff and Drug Administration has said “There is no evidence that these genetically engineered zebra danio fish pose any far more danger to the environment than their unmodified counterparts…”. The zebra danio was the first modified species launched to the pet trade. Do a little investigation if you want to obtain out additional about the procedure and make your mind up for oneself if the galactic purple longfin tetra is proper for your aquarium.

Colorful fluorescent GloFish®
GloFish® are vibrant genetically engineered fish with a fluorescent glow.

©Varvara Voinarovska/Shutterstock.com

7) Rainbow Shiner

The rainbow shiner is a further gorgeous fish that will deliver some daily life to your aquarium set up. They undoubtedly really do not drop in the “obviously purple” classification but with specified angles of light their shimmery bodies do appear purplish and when the males are prepared to spawn, their heads change a deep shade of purple! The males also improve their fin hues to blue and the tip of their face turns purple. Rainbow shiners are also in the 2-2 ½ inch array with some achieving the 3 inch mark. They do very best with a college sizing of 10 or far more with a blend of males and females. Be positive to have a protected lid on your tank simply because all through spawning time these fish can get overly excited and leap out of the tank.

Rainbow shiners are not from the tropical rivers of Africa or South The usa, they are from North The us. They originated in the Cell River process in Alabama but have due to the fact distribute to river systems in Tennessee and Georgia. You can expect to take pleasure in your rainbow shiners for a lifespan of 3-5 several years. A welcome addition to liven up your aquarium for decades to arrive!

Rainbow shiner fish
The rainbow shiner (Notropis chrosomus) is a North American species of ray-finned fish.


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